Malala Yousafzai: “Let us pick up our books and our pens, they are the most powerful weapons.”
Μαΐ 11 2018

The purpose of οur project at the 6th Panarsakeiako Conference was to raise awareness amongst our fellow students and the wider community about human rights and the role of education in the modern world as pillars of peace and wellbeing in a drastically changing world.
Our team tried to investigate first whether and to what extent human rights already recognized by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are acknowledged and protected in contemporary societies. Doubtless, the issue of human rights involves all aspects of life and, therefore, the struggle for the safeguarding of human rights is multifaceted. The second issue we dealt with is active citizenship at present: how young people like us can be actively engaged in societies of today and tomorrow driven by principles of humanism.

By exploring the unprecedented example of Malala Yousafzai, a passionate activist for women’s rights for education, we were certain that we would find answers to both our research questions that are closely interlinked with school and educational values. Through our thorough research we drew the conclusion that education is of vital importance in all respects for a person to prosper but also address life challenges. Education opens up opportunities and prospects in career growth. It provides broad knowledge, develops life skills, cultivates responsible attitudes. It nurtures respect, tolerance, solidarity, cooperation, integrity and may as well act as a preparation stage where students prepare for the difficulties they will have to deal with in the fast-pacing modern world. Through this project on Malala we came to realize how crucial the school’s role is in raising public awareness on human rights issues. More importantly, we appreciated that the violation of human rights cannot and should not be tolerated for.

Οι μαθητές και μαθήτριες από την Γ΄ τάξη που εργάστηκαν και παρουσίασαν την εισήγηση ήταν οι: Αλεξάνδρα Κωνσταντίνου, Αναστασία-Αριάδνη Κασακόγια, Ανδρέας Γιαννιώτης, Άννα Τολίκα, Βασιλική Μπούσιου, Ελισάβετ-Μαρία Σφήκα, Ιφιγένεια Παναγιωτίδου, Νεφέλη Σκλαβούνου, Ουρανία Σπυροπούλου και Σοφία Παπαοικονόμου, με υπεύθυνες καθηγήτριες τις: Αικατερίνη-Κυριακή Κυριακίδου, Άννα Οικονόμου, Βασιλική Κωσταρά και Παναγιώτα Οικονόμου.

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Commenting on the Malala Project:

We were really overwhelmed by our experience at Panarsakeiako Conference. It was something totally different from anything that we have done so far. It was our first opportunity to take part in a project like that and it was well-worth doing it as it exceeded our expectations. During the conference we met new people from other schools of Greece and that was fascinating. Although at times it was kind of tiring attending all these presentations, it was definitely very interesting and exciting for all of us. We had an excellent cooperation while working on Malala’s project. We would like to have the opportunity to collaborate with students from other Arsakeia schools, too. We firmly believe that this mingling will be an unforgettable experience.

By Ifigenia Panagiotidou & Alexandra Konstantinou

Lately I had a memorable experience with my teammates at the Panarsakeiako Conference which was held in Athens. Most of all, I appreciated the cooperation we all had as a team. It was a great satisfaction getting good comments and recognition for our effort. In addition, we gained knowledge about human rights and we had an enjoyable time together!

By Renia Spyropoulou

My experience in the Malala project  was very fruitful because I’ve learnt a lot of things about human rights and about Malala’ s fight for her right and all women and children’s right to education. Also I found it very enjoyable collaborating with my classmates.

By Andrew Gianniotis

It was simply the most amazing experience that I have ever had and it will definitely be etched in my mind forever. We had so much fun preparing it and performing it as well!  I’m so glad I was part of this great team and this outstanding presentation!!!

By Anna Tolika

The 6th Panarsakeiako Conference was a very unique experience for me. It was quite different from all the other conferences I have ever attended and that was mainly due to the interesting issue me and my team worked on. Our group, the Malala Yousafzai team, was involved in a project during which everyone could express their individual talents through a variety of artistic products which covered many different aspects of Malala’s huge effort to achieve equal rights to women’s education. Needless to say, all the members of our team had a wonderful collaboration, the whole procedure was amusing and we had lots of fun! Even though the conference itself was a bit tiring, we all enjoyed the enlightening presentations we attended and the opportunity to meet students from other schools.

By Anastasia-Ariadni Kasakogia

The Malala project was a very fruitful experience for me. To begin with, my team and I learned about Malala’s story and the women’s rights to education. Not only did we have lots of fun but we also created our own board game and enjoyed ourselves playing it, wrote poems and song lyrics, made drawings about Malala and even drew her own portraits! Finally, we had the opportunity to present our team work at the 6th Panarsakeiako Conference, which was really amazing!

By Vassiliki Mpousiou

During our project on Malala, my team and I were able to learn about her everyday life and the living conditions in Pakistan. And we did all this through the use of various prompts, such as photos, videos, articles and Malala’s very own book called “I am Malala”. Working in such a context proved to be even more interesting and motivating for us! But our most important realization was that a lot of things that we, people living in the developed world, take for granted are nothing but a dream for others.

By Sofia Papaoikonomou

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